Sometimes, it’s the crowd that roars!

When you’ve been around 1 million and 5 years, you’re bound to have some classic hits. Now that we’ve converted everything from tape, you too can join the digital revolution and share the smash hits at 120 decibels! Listen to Jurassic Joe’s Top 5 below or check out iTunes for more.

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    Boom Boom

    The Brachiosaurus goes Boom Boom
    He’s so heavy that he shakes the room

    The Brachiosaurus he’s big as a tree
    He’s much much much much bigger than me

    The Brachiosaurus he’s got big feet 
    He’s so big and he doesn’t eat meat

  • Dinosaur Club

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    Dinosaur Club

    They’re the letters that you need to spell dinosaur
    Put it on a big sign on your front door
    That says “Do Not Enter Unless You Can Roar

    Cos We’re the Dinosaur Club
    It’s been millions of years since they’ve been around
    But when they were here they really shook the ground

    So do a loud roar, now do a soft roar,
    Now do a short roar, Now do the longest roar of all

    And spell D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R. and what’s it spell? Dinosaur

    Their bones hold secrets from so long ago
    The more that we dig, the more that we’ll know 
    About the dinosaurs, we dig the dinosaurs
    Cos we’re the Dinosaur Club

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

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    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Who’s the biggest of the carnosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Who’s the meanest of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex
    He’s got big sharp teeth and powerful jaws
    Big back feet with very sharp claws.
    If you see him coming better run away,
    Cos he’s the predator and you’re the prey
    Tyrannosaurus …

    His name means he’s the terrible king, 
    the terrible king of the dinosaurs
    You’ll know he’s mean when you see his eyes
    You’ll know he’s king when you hear him roar.
    Tyrannosaurus …

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    Raptor Rap

    Velociraptor on the dance room floor
    He’s scratching and he’s scratching with his big sharp claw
    He’s moving over closer to the herbivore
    He says he likes meat and he likes it raw
    He’s scratching, scratching

    Scratch now with your right claw
    Scratch with your left claw

    Velociraptor on the dance room floor
    He’s walking like a mean looking dinosaur
    I think he could be friendly but I can’t be sure
    He says he likes the music and he wants some more
    He’s scratching, scratching …

  • Danger Danger Velociraptor

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    Danger Danger Velociraptor

    Danger Danger Velociraptor
    Danger Danger They’ve got the sharp claw
    Danger Danger Velociraptor
    Danger Danger  Rrrraaah!

    Look out baby protoceratops
    Something moving there behind the rocks
    Something in the bushes and the trees
    Something hiding there behind the leaves.

    Danger Danger Velociraptor…

    Back one hundred million years ago 
    Something had a very dangerous toe
    I’m so glad that it’s not here today
    I’m so glad that we don’t have to say,

    Danger Danger Velociraptor…


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