We really enjoyed the show. I took my 5 year old son as he is a huge dinosaur fan! The venue was great as it was small and intimate. Jurassic Joe got all the kids (and adults) singing and dancing/stomping like dinosaurs! It was just the right length of time to keep my son interested and although he invited kids to go up on stage there was no pressure.

Jo Orpin Hatton, Primary Times, UK

I have taught kindergarten children for about 19 years, and this is the best selection of educational songs I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Corina McLeod, Kindergarten teacher , VIC

The Dino pack was a huge hit at my boy, Lucian’s, kindy. When I went to pick him up there were about 15 kids in front of the TV, dancing along with the DVD. They loved it and the teachers did too.

Jo-Anna Apelt, July 2013

Thanks again for all the dino songs. Not only does Lucian love them but they teach him so much as well. (And they don’t make me want to crash the car after hearing them for the 50th time like other kid’s music.)

Jo-Anna Apelt, June 2013

My daughter and I saw you perform at Australia Zoo and loved your entertaining and engaging show and have never forgotten it.

Nicole O’Brien, June 2013

My boy, Lucian, has loved your music for over a year now…. all his classmates are now obsessed with your dino songs too.

Jo-anna Apelt, May 2013

My son is a HUGE fan of yours, so much so that we make regular visits to the Queensland Museum just to view your video. We also have your CD on constantly in the car and the DVD playing at home.

Shira Golding

Of all his Christmas gifts, Freddy loved his JJ Dino hamper the best. Thanks JJ

Steven, Brisbane

Just wanted to say thank you. The kids love your music, and I must say I know all your songs by heart now. Hope you decide to do more of something for kids. It's a fun, catchy way of teaching them while keeping them entertained.


Hi Joe, thank you so much for the CD's, they are absolutely fantastic. Bailey wants to listen to them all the time. Aston, who is only 3, even knows 
how to spell 'dinosaur' now and sings along to the songs.


I'm a teacher and there are not a lot of music/song/dance CDs out there that are suitable for Kindy and Pre-primary students on Dinosaurs.

Kasey :)

I had to email and say what an amazing CD. Our little 4 year old boy Romek is obsessed with dinosaurs and is fallen in love with your CD. After 3 listens Romy almost knows all the words and sings along.

Tanya G.

Just wanted to rave about your CD "Danger Danger Dinosaur”. Wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the songs (they are going through my head at all hours of the day and night)

Angie T.

We are LOVING being educated about dinosaurs by Jurassic Joe (I mean seriously, how else could you introduce the word "extinct" to a 3½ year old and 2 year old but for the words of that wonderful song)

Shira Golding, Melbourne

The songs are wonderful! You are our favourite singer. All day we play in the garden singing our favourite song "Danger Danger Velociraptor". We hope to see in Italy once.

Ruben & Moris & family

I am a kindergarten teacher in Victoria. I have a son who is 4 and is developing a keen interest in dinosaurs, and this interest has been greatly enhanced by the purchase of your CD! He loves it as much as I do!

Corina McLeod, Kindergarten teacher , VIC

We saw you play at the fringe in brighton (UK), and even though our son was a bit shy at the time, he's avidly learning and singing your songs from the dinosaur club cd. Also I made the mistake of putting the cd in the car, and it's now played constantly from traffic jam to traffic jam! ... we now have the first cd and ‘ the Brachiosaurs does in fact go boom –boom – quite often thanks to Jack!

Steve, UK

The kids had a great time and we have received a lot of praise and requests for more

Gary Ellem, Casino Library

Hi Joe We saw you perform recently at Brisbane Square Library which my 2 year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed. We also purchased your CDs. Just wanted to let you know that they’ve been a huge hit and my son has learnt so much from the songs. It’s also made long drives with him so much easier. Before he’d fuss and moan most of the way but now he’ll hop into his carseat before we’re even ready to go waiting to listen to Jurassic Joe. So thanks again for making great kids’ music! Cheers

Angela and Fletcher

Your songs are full of awesome and my kid (who is nearly 9 now) still loves them. just not in front of some of her more princessy girly friends. I wish I had some more young kids just so I could keep coming to your shows.

Lyn Renwood

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